Bath & Laundry

Bathroom is an essential part of every house. It is important to make the time spent in bathroom more relaxing and enjoyable with different bathroom accessories. At The Home Story, we not only offer bathroom décor accessories that will help break your daily monotony and enhance the look of your bathroom by many folds, but also stuff that you would need while in bathroom. Talking about our bathroom accessories in detail, these come in contemporary and modern designs that make your bathroom look smart and intelligent.

Shower curtain

We offer shower curtains in a variety of patterns and themes to complement your décor. Our shower curtains are made using PVC material that keeps the moisture, water, molds and mildew away. These are easy to wash and come in gorgeous colors and designs.

Bath robe

Wrap yourself in beautiful yet very useful and comfortable bath robe. Our range of bath robes are very inexpensive and are available in different colours. You can pick the one that like the most from our collection.

Laundry basket

Laundry basket is a must have in your bathroom thing. They are not only good for storing clothes for laundry but also prevent them from being damaged. Not just this, but these can also be used to carry toys and other stuff to the beach, particularly if these are made of mesh that helps the sand to move out.

Shower mat

Many may not use it but shower mat is a necessity in bathroom as it absorbs the extra water that remains after the bath. Using a mat keeps you from slipping and smashing your head on the floor. And it is like icing on the cake when you get these mats in different pattern and colours. At The Home Story, we offer shower mats in multiple patterns. Check out our collection to choose from a wide range.

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