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When it comes to home fragrances, you have so many choices to pick from. From perfume, a scented candle, a room spray, or diffusers, there are different forms of fragrances available to suit every occasion or situation. The Home Story features a large range of home fragrances for different moods. A burst of fragrance can uplift your mood, soothes your mind, and imbibes you with warmth and comfort and so much more! Fill your home with good smelling fragrances in the forms of diffusers, candles, room sprays, oil burners, etc.


Types of Home Fragrances Candles

Candles are the most popular option among different types of home fragrances. They are widely available in the market, but we offer the best-scented candle collection available at our store at competitive prices.

Room or Car Sprays

It’s the fastest fragrance fix, room or car sprays make the best choice to get rid of unpleasant odours. The HomeStory collection of the room or car sprays is long-lasting and affordable.


Reed diffusers are a convenient, long-lasting and low maintenance choice compared to other options available. Natural or synthetic essential oils get absorbed by reed diffusers placed inside glass jars and then release fragrance into the atmosphere.

Shop for Home Fragrances at The HomeStory

Browse an exciting range of home fragrances at the best prices on The HomeStory. For a seamless shopping experience, don’t forget to use our filters. We offer different payment options and make sure to deliver at your doorsteps in your time of need.

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