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Microfiber Cushion Fillers (16x16 inches, White) - Pack of 2

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16x16 Inches

Material Cotton
Color White
Item Code 966922005
Care Instructions

Fill a laundry or bath tub with warm water and some mild detergent and mix it around.
Submerge your cushion insert and gently knead it in the water.
A good technique is to squeeze the insert down to the bottom of the tub and then let go and let it fill up with water.
Place your cushion on a flat surface in the sun to dry. Do not put it in the tumble dryer as this will result in a very lumpy cushion insert.

Package Content

2 Cushion Fillers

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  • Large-Sized Square Cushion Filler
    These cushion fillers are designed in a large rectangular size to be all-purpose. Whether you want to put them as decor items or use them as pillows, they’ll be perfect.
  • Soft Cotton Fabric With Microfiber Filling
    The fillers are made using soft cotton fabric with polyester microfibre filling for maximum comfort and convenience while ensuring that the cushions don’t flatten upon constant use.
  • Vacuum Packed
    These cushion fillers are vacuum-packed in separate poly covers. So you only have to remove the poly covers and fluff the fillers. After that, they’re all good to use. So, there is no hassle at all with these fillers.

    With all these things, these are the perfect cushion fillers that you can have for your home furnishing. So, what’s the wait? Buy 16”x16” cushion fillers online now from Clasiko!

Cushions are a fantastic decor item to add to the beauty and charm of your furniture while making it more comfortable and relaxing. However, you don’t need stiff cushions in your home. For the cushions to be comfortable and cozy, they must have a soft filling, preferably polyester or micro fibre.


The Clasiko MicroFibre White Cushion Fillers 16”x16” are perfect for the purpose. These cushion fillers are made with soft cotton material on the outside and have a reliance conjugated fibre for the inner filling.


Moreover, these come packed in a transparent vacuum poly cover. So, all you have to do is tear off the poly cover carefully and shake and beat the cushion from the corners until it fluffs up. After that, you can decorate them with your favourite cushion covers to make the fillers look more appealing and attractive.


Moreover, with their square shape and large size, they are perfect to align well with the furniture and sofa sets in your living and drawing rooms. Style and embellish your home with a fantastic decor – micro fibre white cushion fillers 16”x16” set of 2.


Given their large size and square shape, you can also use them as excellent head support for a more relaxing and comfortable sleep.

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