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Your everyday dining table should be a visual delight and something that makes you want to enjoy food. What helps adorn the table are the right kind of accessories like table cloth, dining sets, bowls, table runners, table covers, etc.

While having good crockery makes your food look all the more presentable, a beautiful table cloth adds a wonderful ambience to the dinner party. All in all, you must have a good table and kitchen accessories to make your home stand out from the rest.

Table cloth

When you buy high-quality table cloth, you can rest assured that your table is well protected from scratches, stains and spills. If you choose to buy your table cloth from The Home Story, you get to choose from a wide variety of stylish floral patterns and geo print table cloths.


With Apron, you can cook whatever you wish to without having to worry about your clothes getting dirty. At The Home Story, we offer a 100% cotton apron which comes with triple-layered insulation that makes it resistant to heat and keeps you safe. Not just this, but with our range of aprons you can cook while you look classy and spotless.


When you choose the right tea & coffee sets, mugs & cups, dinner sets, etc. you are enhancing the look of your kitchen. In fact, gorgeous crockery and cutlery make mealtime look and feel special. At The Home Story, we offer platters, plates, bowls, mugs & cups, and dinner sets, that can bring elegance to your dining table. Have a look at our products and we are sure you will like to buy some of them.

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