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Welcome to Home Story – Your One-Stop Shop for All Kinds of Home Décor

Building a home is an achievement for anyone. A lot of thought and effort goes into it so decorating it should be no less either. Decorating a home is an overwhelming feeling for most homeowners. Many emotions go into decorating a home so nothing that goes into decorating your home should be less than it deserves. We understand this emotional investment and so we bring only the highest quality home furnishing and home décor accessories that will liven up your home in an instant. For successful home décor, it is essential that you put together pieces that complement each other. But finding such unique items in a busy lifestyle can be challenging. Not with us. Home Story brings the best of home décor accessories all in one place so you can have just what you like without having to sacrifice your weekend shop-hopping.

Best of Home Décor and Furnishing, Just A Click Away

We offer some of the most unique and one-of-a-kind options for home décor and furnishing. Our collections include an elaborate range of home furnishing items for your bedroom, living area, bathroom and laundry, kitchen, and entertainment essentials. Get the most exclusive offers on home furnishing like bedding, table linen, kitchenware, home décor accessories, and bathroom essentials. Our offerings are all by the top brands so you can be assured that you are only getting the best quality material from the best brands. So why wait? Start your home décor journey now with Home Story!

Revamp Your House With Our Stunning Home Decor and Furnishing

A home is where your heart is. You spend so many hours every single day in your home hence, it should be the most relaxing and beautiful place to exist. It’s a place where you feel a sense of calm and belongingness therefore, you should invest time planning its interiors, and give attention to every small and big detail. You can pick from

The HomeStory’s stunning collection of home decor and furnishing and turn your home into a style haven!


Home Decor Categories That Will Transform Your Home

Showpieces/Artefacts: Adding showpieces or artefacts makes a statement. We have the best range of showpieces and artefacts to make your home stylish and appealing.

Vases: Vases can enhance the appeal of any corner of your house. It’s an everlasting, spectacular and sought-after home decor piece.

Table Lamps/ Floor Lamps: Illuminate your room by selecting from our beautiful range of table lamps or floor lamps.

Wall Decor/ Clocks: Wall decors and clocks help bring style and functionality to any room of your house. Choose from The HomeStory collection and feel glad to get the best deal.

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